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Meet the Team


Adrianna – Doctor’s Assistant

adrianna I work alongside Dr. Nordhus during procedures and help make sure patients are comfortable during treatment. I love talking to patients. We get to learn so much about them while they are in our office, and Dr. Nordhus truly cares about each and every one as more than just patients. He treats them as individuals. You can feel how much he believes in helping them create beautiful smiles.

My husband, Justin, and I have five children: Jayden, Payton, Preston, Braylon, and  Braxon. We also have two black labs who keep our home from ever being quiet. I spend most of my time with my children and their activities, but I love traveling and am also a massage therapist.

Teresa – Patient Coordinator

teresa As the patient coordinator, I walk patients through every step of treatment, from beginning to end, and help them choose the best plan for their unique needs. It is so rewarding to help patients overcome their fears of the dentist, and they get so excited to come back once they see how much fun we have in our office. I feel like I have known some of our patients my whole life!

I am the mother of an awesome young man, Gregory and Grammy to my favorite girl, Helen.  I treasure every moment I get to spend with them. I love spending time outdoors and I am a big fan of warm sunny days.  

Paige – Dental Assistant

paige I have been assisting with dental procedures for over 20 years and  love the positive changes our patients have received.  The best part of my day is visiting with our wonderful patients. They always have interesting and exciting stories to share. They help us have fun each and every day. It is rewarding to work with such great people to create happy smiles.

I have a daughter named Jordan who is newly married, so I am excited to welcome my new son-in-law into our family. In my free time, I enjoy baking and the outdoors, so you can find me boating, fishing, or riding motorcycles. I am also active in my church.

Julie – Dental Hygienist

julie As a dental hygienist, I perform cleanings and help educate patients on proper oral care and the health benefits a beautiful mouth. I really enjoy finding out our patients’ interests and hobbies, especially children since they always want to talk to you. Dr. Nordhus is personable and fun with our patients and has an easy time getting them to open up.

I am married to my wonderful husband, Adam, and  we have a beautiful baby girl, Madison. We also have two dogs named Doc and Mac. I like to be active, so I spend a lot of time wakeboarding, swimming, and working out. When I want to relax, I travel or go shopping.

Kim – Dental Hygienist

kim I work with patients during their cleanings and also instruct them on their treatment and oral care. My patients always have something to share and I love hearing about their travels, families, and hobbies. They feel like my own family. Dr. Nordhus is very down to earth and gets his patients to understand every aspect of their treatment.

My husband, Doug, and I have a very full house with seven children: Chelsee, Sydnee, Levi, Kadisee, Ellee, Lainee, and Owen. We also have a grandson named Tristen. With so many children in our family, I spend a lot of time following their activities in softball, wrestling, and football. They know how to keep me busy!

Laurie – Treatment Coordinator

laurie I work with patients from day one of treatment to their very last visit with us. It is my job to guide you through your treatment and all of the steps to a beautiful smile and healthier you. I believe in treating patients like family, which is why I work hard to make them comfortable and at home in our office.

I am married to my best friend, Tom, and we have a four-legged daughter, Abbey, who is a miniature pinscher. I also have 11 nieces and nephews. In my spare time, I like to take day trips, go to dog parks with Abbey, sous-chef to Tom, and grill with friends.

Marla – Dental Hygienist

marla As a dental hygienist, I make our patients comfortable and teach them on the most effective ways to take care of their oral health. Dr. Nordhus is a fantastic leader and dentist who is great about using the latest technology. Our patients are in the best hands when they come to our office.

I have a wonderful son named Cale.  I also have four hairy children: three dogs and a cat. I like to spend my leisure time drinking coffee with my sisters and watching my son play.


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