A Non-Surgical Approach to Gum Disease

Gum disease can wreak havoc on a smile. Left untreated, it can lead to a host of oral health issues, including bad breath, shifting teeth, and even tooth loss. Dr. Byron Nordhus offers scaling and root planing at his Wichita, KS, to halt the early stages of the disease and keep your smile as healthy as possible. With over 15 years of experience, he can provide effective treatment for a wide range of oral health issues.

Scaling and root planing
During scaling and root planing, the doctor first removes deposits of bacteria-filled plaque and then smooths out the tooth roots to reduce the risk of reinfection. 

Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing offers several advantages. This treatment:

  • Is non-surgical: Other periodontal treatments, such as pocket reduction or gingivectomy, require surgical intervention. Scaling and root planing cleans far beneath the gum line without the need for incisions or sutures.
  • Reduces symptoms of gum disease: Scaling and root planing eliminates bacteria. As a result, symptoms such as bad breath and bleeding gums are diminished.
  • Improves overall health: When bacteria are present in the oral cavity, they are also present in the bloodstream. For this reason, gum disease has been linked to serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Scaling and root planing reduces the risk for these conditions and can preserve long-term oral health.

Am I a Candidate for Scaling and Root Planing?

Scaling and root planing is most effective against mild to moderate periodontal disease. During a consultation at our Wichita practice, Dr. Nordhus will measure the pocket depths around each tooth. Healthy pockets measure between one and three millimeters. If they are any deeper, that may indicate the early stages of gingivitis or more severe periodontitis. The deeper the pocket, the harder it is to clean. That is why scaling and root planing is necessary – to sweep away bacteria in places that cannot be reached with brushing and flossing alone.

What Is the Appointment Like?

Similar to a regular dental cleaning, scaling and root planing removes plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth. However, because the clinician must reach deep into the gum line, local anesthesia is administered to keep patients comfortable during the procedure. At our Wichita practice, we also offer multiple sedation options to induce relaxation for a less stressful visit.

Once you are comfortable, our hygienist uses hand instruments and ultrasonic instruments to clean the teeth. Next, they smooth the tooth roots to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and reduce the risk of recontamination. In some instances, a topical antibiotic may be applied to certain areas, as well. The entire process can be completed in just one or two hours at our office.

A few weeks after scaling and root planing, Dr. Nordhus will re-evaluate the health of your gums. Because removing infection reduces swelling in the gum tissue, the pockets around the teeth should decrease. By maintaining their oral health with regular dental cleanings, the majority of patients will not require further periodontal treatments after scaling and root planing.

Keep Your Smile Healthy

Do you have red, bleeding, or swollen gums? Scaling and root planing could be the solution. To learn more, or schedule an appointment at our practice, contact us online or call us at (316) 721-6730.

​Dr. Byron J. Nordhus

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