Alleviate Jaw Pain with TMJ Disorder Treatment

Dr. Byron J. Nordhus provides TMJ disorder treatment at his Wichita, KS, practice to alleviate painful symptoms. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is typically characterized by chronic pain around the jawline, teeth grinding, and other debilitating symptoms. At Nordhus Dentistry, we can help patients improve and manage symptoms for lasting relief. Dr. Nordhus attends continuing education courses for neuromuscular dentistry at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies to effectively diagnose and treat this condition. Your treatment may include a mouthguard, orthodontics, or methods to minimize stress and anxiety.

What Causes TMJ Disorder?

An illustrated example of how TMJ affects a person's jaw TMJ disorder is caused when the temporomandibular joints—the hinge joints that connect your jawbone to the skull—become inflamed. These joints and the muscles around them are responsible for jaw motion. When the bite is not properly aligned, the TMJs must overcompensate to create balance. This can affect your ability to chew, speak, and seamlessly open and close your jaw. This health condition can be caused by a number of issues, but is commonly caused by dental misalignment, arthritis, and bruxism (teeth grinding and jaw clenching).

Choosing a dentist who understands the importance of continuing education and uses advanced technology can ensure you receive optimal results.

TMJ Disorder Symptoms

The common symptoms associated with TMJ disorder include:

  • Pain and inflammation around the jaw 
  • Pain around the ears
  • Pain and swelling in the neck and face
  • Chronic headaches or migraines 
  • Tingling in the extremities 
  • Trouble opening and closing the jaw
  • Clicking or popping sound when opening and closing the jaw 
  • Pain when biting down or chewing
  • Toothaches

Treating TMJ Disorder

We use neuromuscular dentistry to diagnose the source of the TMJ disorder. Based on our findings, we customize a treatment plan to meet your unique needs. This advanced computerized technology provides early detection and can measure jaw movement and muscle activity to help Dr. Nordhus reestablish a comfortable resting position for your jaw. Detecting the early signs of TMJ disorder allows Dr. Nordhus to offer immediate treatment options. He can provide prompt relief and prevent further oral damage and

Once the issue has been diagnosed and a comfortable resting position has been established, Dr. Nordhus will formulate your treatment plan. In most cases, an oral appliance (mouthguard) will be custom-made to fit over your teeth and hold your jaw in the proper resting position while you sleep. This also helps to eliminate teeth grinding and jaw clenching during the night. If dental misalignment and malocclusion are an issue, Dr. Nordhus may recommend Invisalign® to help realign teeth. 

Dr. Nordhus may also recommend stretching and strengthening exercises to reduce stress and anxiety and help minimize discomfort. If you do not respond to conservative treatments, he may recommend that you visit an oral surgeon to discuss surgery options.

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Choosing a dentist who understands the importance of continuing education and uses advanced technology can ensure that you receive optimal care and results. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nordhus. His in-depth understanding of TMJ disorders and its early signs could save you time and discomfort in the future. 

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