Restore Decayed and Damaged Teeth with Tooth-colored Fillings

Dr. Byron J. Nordhus prides himself on offering strong, yet aesthetically pleasing tooth­-colored fillings at his Wichita, KS, office. These are a proven restorative treatment to fill damaged teeth after decay removal, and treatment can typically be completed in one visit. In the past, cavities were traditionally repaired with amalgam fillings, which contain trace amounts of mercury. At Nordhus Dentistry, we use natural-looking composite resin blended to match the natural look of your smile. Treating tooth decay and cavities in a timely manner is vital not only to your oral health but also your overall health. If left untreated, the cavities caused by bacteria will continue to grow and lead to further oral health complications such as gum disease, or may even require a tooth extraction

What is a Tooth-colored Dental Filling?

An illustrated example of a tooth colored fillingA tooth-colored filling, also known as a white filling, consists of composite resin tinted to match the natural look of your teeth for an aesthetically pleasing result. Dental fillings, a common procedure performed in our office daily, is necessary to treat and restore a tooth damaged by minor to moderate decay.

Composite resin provides a more natural-looking alternative to amalgam fillings that provides a better solution for patients with metal allergies. For severe dental decay that covers a larger portion of the tooth, you may require a dental crown or inlays and onlays to restore and strengthen your tooth.

Placing a Dental Filling

Using DIAGNOdent® technology, Dr. Nordhus can detect the early signs of tooth decay during your biannual checkup. If decay is detected, he can perform the dental filling treatment that day or schedule a follow-up appointment. We use Solea Laser, which eliminates the need for a local anesthetic since it numbs while removing decay. If you struggle with dental anxiety or phobia, Dr. Nordhus can provide sedation to make you more comfortable. A dental filling treatment involves:

  1. Removal of Decay: Dr. Nordhus will use a laser to gently and carefully remove bacteria from the enamel and dentin.
  2. Preparation: Once the bacteria has been removed, Dr. Nordhus will thoroughly clean and disinfect the tooth before applying a bonding agent to prepare the tooth for the resin.
  3. Composite Resin: First, Dr. Nordhus will tint the composite resin to match the natural color of your tooth. Then, he will fill the cavity before using a special curing light to harden the resin. He may apply several layers to ensure the structural integrity of your tooth is restored.
  4. Reshaping: Finally, he will check your bite to make sure it aligns correctly, trim away any excess resin, and polish the tooth.

Composite resin provides a more natural-looking alternative to amalgam fillings that provides a better solution for patients with metal allergies.

Benefits of Tooth-colored Dental Fillings

At Nordhus Dentistry, we are excited to exclusively offer Solea Laser technology and metal-free dental fillings rather than traditional amalgam fillings. Tooth-colored dental fillings provide our patients many benefits, including:

  • Natural-looking aesthetics that will not darken over time
  • Improved restoration and strength
  • Improved health of the tooth
  • Durable and long-lasting results
  • Toxin-free materials 

Another important benefit of tooth-colored fillings is that the material does not expand or contract with temperature changes. Alternatively, amalgam fillings fluctuate, which can damage teeth over time, requiring additional treatment.

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If you are experiencing a toothache or dental sensitivity, you may have a cavity in need of a dental filling. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nordhus. He can expertly fill your dental cavity with tooth-colored composite resin to prevent the spread of decay while providing a natural-looking treatment. 

​Dr. Byron J. Nordhus

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Dr. Byron J. Nordhus strives to provide the highest level of comprehensive dental care at his Wichita, KS, practice, while treating his patients like family. He uses advanced materials, treatments, and technology to make dental procedures as effective and painless as possible. Affiliations include:

  • Academy of Laser Dentistry
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Dental Association 

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