Modern Dental Technology Improves Your Comfort During Dental Care

Photo of a dentist using an intraoral cameraChoosing a dentist who uses advanced dental technology not only improves the accuracy and proficiency of your treatment, but makes it easier for the doctor to detect and diagnose problems at the earliest and most treatable stages. Catching oral health concerns early can save you time and money, as well as protect your overall health. Dr. Byron J. Nordhus in Wichita, KS, is passionate about delivering the highest quality care, and is proud to be the first office in the state of Kansas to offer the Solea® laser, used for anesthesia-free dental fillings. 

We are dedicated to providing the most advanced options to improve our patients' treatment experience and comfort.

Technology We Provide

At Nordhus Dentistry, we are committed to offering the latest technology in the dental industry in order to provide our patients with the most comfortable, comprehensive care. Our office provides state-of-the-art options, including:

  • i-CAT® Cone Beam 3-D Dental Imaging Scanner: This award-winning scanner uses significantly less radiation, making it safer than traditional x-rays and computerized tomography (CT) scanners. Dr. Nordhus will use this technology to capture full facial imaging of your teeth and jaws to diagnose the best treatment for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder and extractions. This system also allows him to determine candidacy for dental implants and design highly accurate implant placement procedures.
  • iTero® Intra Oral Digital Scanner: This technology provides 3-D digital images of your teeth and bite for Dr. Nordhus to use in transforming your smile through cosmetic and restorative procedures. This system eliminates messy and uncomfortable putty impressions, as well as provides more accurate imaging for precise treatment. These images are used to design your customized Invisalign® trays, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and other personalized treatments.
  • VELscope®: During your routine dental checkup, Dr. Nordhus will use this top-of-the-line screening technology to check for the early signs of oral cancer. Velscope is noninvasive and uses fluorescent lighting to diagnose tissue abnormalities that are undetectable to the naked eye. The test can be performed in less than five minutes, providing you with a quick and accurate scan to detect early signs of any concerns.
  • DIAGNOdent Laser: This sophisticated, handheld laser uses fluorescent lighting to detect the earliest signs of tooth decay and cavities in between or on the chewing surfaces of the teeth, generally invisible to the naked eye. When caught early, larger dental fillings and other costly treatments can be avoided.
  • Carbon Dioxide Laser: This powerful laser can be used during a deep cleaning to treat the early stages of periodontitis, as well as reshape the gum tissue during laser gum contouring. By combining faster-powered technology with water, this system seals soft tissues and soothes simultaneously, minimizing blood loss and swelling, as well as promoting a quick recovery.

Benefits of Dental Technology

Having your procedures performed with the latest technology provides many benefits, including:

  • Accurate and efficient treatment
  • More comfortable procedures
  • Easier detection and quicker diagnosis
  • Reduced treatment time and recovery

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We are dedicated to providing the most advanced options to improve our patients' treatment experience and comfort. If you are interested in learning more about the dental technology we provide, contact us today online or call 316-721-6730.

​Dr. Byron J. Nordhus

Nordhus Dentistry

Dr. Byron J. Nordhus strives to provide the highest level of comprehensive dental care at his Wichita, KS, practice, while treating his patients like family. He uses advanced materials, treatments, and technology to make dental procedures as effective and painless as possible. Affiliations include:

  • Academy of Laser Dentistry
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Dental Association 

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