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Restorative Dentistry Can Rebuild Your Smile

Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth because of decay, infection, or injury, dental implants provide the best support for crowns and dentures. Dr. Byron J. Nordhus places and restores implants. These ceramic or titanium posts are surgically implanted in the jawbone to replace lost tooth roots. They typically require about four months of healing time before a permanent restoration can be placed. For the right patients, Dr. Nordhus can provide the All-on-4® technique, in which implants are placed and restored with dentures in a single day.

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Dental Crowns

When your tooth has been compromised by trauma, infection, or decay, Dr. Nordhus can place a crown to cover, protect, and strengthen the tooth. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the entire surface of your tooth to improve its function and appearance. At Nordhus Dentistry, we offer only metal-free, tooth-colored crowns, which look beautifully natural. Crowns are commonly used to protect natural teeth after root canals, or they can replace missing teeth. We provide both traditional and implant-supported crowns.

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Dental Bridges

If you are missing one or more teeth, Dr. Nordhus can place a dental bridge to restore your smile and allow you to chew and speak comfortably again. Bridges consist of one or more replacement teeth that attach to adjacent healthy teeth or implants. We use non-metal bridges to provide the best possible aesthetics. They consist of a strong zirconia base covered with beautiful porcelain for durability and an attractive, natural-looking appearance.

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Inlays and Onlays

Onlays and inlays are recommended when a filling is not sufficient, but a crown would be excessive. These porcelain restorations are custom crafted to fit your tooth like a puzzle piece following treatment. The result is a natural-looking restoration that provides excellent support. Dr. Nordhus uses the iTero™ intraoral scanner to plan your restoration precisely, ensuring that your inlay or onlay will fit properly. The iTero™ scanner eliminates the gag reflex and gooey mess associated with old-school impression material.

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Root Canal Treatment

If tooth decay progresses to the inner pulp, a root canal can salvage the healthy outer portion of the tooth, avoiding tooth loss and the need for a dental implant. Using sophisticated tools and techniques, Dr. Nordhus can painlessly remove the pulp, sterilize the inner chamber of the tooth, and fill it with a rubber-like substance. Finally, the tooth is sealed. During a second visit, the tooth is restored with a custom dental crown. We offer special bleaching for the inside of the tooth for improved aesthetics.

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If you have lost most or all of your teeth, Dr. Nordhus can restore the function and allure of your smile with a denture consisting of customized, natural-looking replacement teeth. We offer partial and full dentures to suit your unique needs. We craft attractive traditional dentures, as well as implant-supported dentures, which are secured to strategically placed dental implants. Dentures can restore your confidence and allow you to speak, eat, and chew with renewed function and comfort.

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Metal-free Fillings

At Nordhus Dentistry, we provide only tooth-colored, metal-free fillings. Unlike days of the past, in which amalgam fillings were most commonly used to fill teeth after cavities, tooth-colored material is the preferred filling material today. These fillings fit seamlessly within your natural teeth and are much more aesthetically pleasing than metal fillings. They fit snugly and are long lasting.

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