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Dental Treatments to Replace Missing Teeth

Learn about the dental treatments offered by Dr. Byron J. Nordhus to replace missing teeth and restore oral strength, functions, and aesthetics.

Posted by Byron J Nordhus D.D.S. on Jul 31, 2022

Benefits of Porcelain and Zirconia Dental Crowns

At Nordhus Dentistry, we offer tooth-colored restorations. Here, we discuss the benefits of porcelain and zirconia dental crowns.

Posted by Byron J Nordhus D.D.S. on May 01, 2018

Treatment for Cavities

At Nordhus Dentistry, Dr. Byron J. Nordhus offers the latest restorative dentistry treatments to address cavities and optimize the health of your mouth. 

Posted by Byron J Nordhus D.D.S. on Dec 16, 2017

Reasons to Be Chipper: Treatments for Chipped Teeth

Don’t be glum about your chipped tooth - be chipper! Modern restorative dentistry offers numerous effective treatments for chipped teeth.

Posted by Byron J Nordhus D.D.S. on Mar 15, 2017

Restore Your Oral Health with Treatment for Dental Abfractions

Dr. Byron J. Nordhus offers restorative dentistry treatments to restore teeth damaged by dental abfractions.

Posted by Byron J Nordhus D.D.S. on Feb 14, 2017

Treating Tooth Erosion to Strengthen the Smile

Patients of Dr. Byron J. Nordhus can learn about the common causes of tooth erosion, and how this condition can be treated.

Posted by Byron J Nordhus D.D.S. on Jan 12, 2016

Repair Your Smile with Inlays and Onlays Treatment

Inlays and onlays can repair dental damage and improve your appearance. Find out if inlays or onlays are right for you.

Posted by Byron J Nordhus D.D.S. on Oct 13, 2015

​Dr. Byron J. Nordhus

Nordhus Dentistry

Dr. Byron J. Nordhus strives to provide the highest level of comprehensive dental care at his Wichita, KS, practice, while treating his patients like family. He uses advanced materials, treatments, and technology to make dental procedures as effective and painless as possible. Affiliations include:

  • Academy of Laser Dentistry
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Dental Association 

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (316) 721-6730.

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