Are your otherwise healthy teeth the source of self-consciousness due to minor cosmetic blemishes? 

Dr. Byron J. Nordhus offers veneers, a cosmetic treatment that can hide these imperfections and make your smile unforgettable. 

Read on to learn why veneers are becoming a popular option for patients in Wichita and West Wichita, KS...

porcelain veneers

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that cover the front surfaces of anterior teeth. Each veneer is custom-crafted to look completely natural so that everyone around you notices your stunning smile - not your dental work.

Dr. Byron Nordhus can enhance your appearance in just a few weeks and a couple of visits to his office serving Greater Wichita, KS, and West Wichita, KS. Our office offers several financing options, including CareCredit® financing, that can make veneers a fit for your budget. By the time you have completed your treatment at Nordhus Dentistry, you can begin enjoying the personal and professional benefits of an attractive smile. 

Top Benefits of Veneers

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A Versatile Treatment

Few cosmetic treatments can address the wide array of cosmetic problems that veneers can. Whether you have a tooth that is discolored, chipped, cracked, misshapen, or small, our esteemed dentist, Dr. Nordhus, can customize a cosmetic treatment using porcelain veneers to brightens your smile.

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Beautiful Results

There’s a reason that celebrities and models turn to veneers to deliver dramatic cosmetic results. Advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques make veneers look completely natural while giving your smile a dazzling upgrade. Dr. Nordhus can give you results that make it hard not to smile!

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Improved Self-Image

Life is too short to live with insecurities about the appearance of your smile. Numerous studies have described how important our smiles are. An attractive smile conveys youth, confidence, and beauty. Whether you are pursuing career advancement, personal fulfillment, or a new romantic relationship, a beautiful smile is a great place to start.


A Lasting Solution

This dental solution can last for well over 10 years with proper care. Porcelain has stain-resistant properties that allow your smile to remain white. Patients can add to the life of their porcelain veneers by refraining from smoking, practicing good oral hygiene habits, and visiting our Wichita, KS, office twice a year for cleanings and exams.

Conceal Cosmetic Concerns

Dental bonding is a simple, cost-effective way to conceal imperfections. In other cases, Dr. Nordhus might recommend veneers to achieve a picture-perfect smile. We can transform your smile in just two appointments with the help of porcelain veneers at Nordhus Dentistry.

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Schedule Your Veneer Treatment Today

Veneers offer life-changing results. If you have been putting off addressing aesthetic blemishes, the dental team of Nordhus Dentistry can give you something to really smile about. Our goal is to be a patient-centered practice that takes care of our patients. To schedule your cosmetic treatment, please call our office at (316) 721-6730 or contact us online at any time.

Loved by Patients


John Smith


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Many THANKS to Dr. Nordhus and his staff for the caring, capable treatment I received during my last visit to your office! ALL of my concerns about this particularly long and extensive visit were addressed before and during the actual procedure, ie, positioning in the chair (back issues), staying numb enough throughout the entire procedure, and taking a bathroom break... to name a few. This compassionate attention to a patient's needs speaks highly of their effort and experience at making each visit as positive and productive as possible. Thanks again for a GREAT visit!

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Nathan Kohls


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First time visiting a dentist in nearly 20 years and had a great experience.  Great staff who make you feel comfortable.  Appreciate their honesty on the relative importance/urgency of what follow up procedures might need to be done.  Did not try and convince me that I needed to do a bunch of additional work.  Also provided up-front pricing of what those options would cost.  5 stars, will visit again.

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How Much Do Veneers Cost?

The cost of veneers varies from patient to patient. We offer competitive pricing and flexible financing options. Contact us today for a quote.

Are Veneers Right for Me?

Candidates for this cosmetic procedure are in good oral health and desire a more attractive smile. During your cosmetic consultation at our Wichita office, Dr. Nordhus will describe your cosmetic treatment options. Our office provides multiple cosmetic treatments, and we will only recommend the one we feel is best for you. For example, if you simply require minor alterations to address chips or cracks, our dentist can place cosmetic bonding to address aesthetic issues.

If you are considering porcelain veneers, there are a few factors to take into consideration:

placing a veneer

Traditional Dental Veneers Are Irreversible

Patients who wish to undergo veneer placement should understand that in many cases, the treatment is irreversible. While there are some minimal- and no-prep veneer options, traditional treatments will require the removal of enamel, and the treated tooth will always require some type of restoration. 

healthy teeth

Healthy Teeth Are Required

Patients should also be in good oral health. If you have any symptoms of gum disease or tooth decay, our dentist (who has practiced for over 15 years) can address those dental problems before scheduling your cosmetic procedure. 

Treatable Cosmetic Conditions

chipped tooth

Minor Chips

Accidents happen. Over the course of many years, small chips can accumulate and blemish an otherwise attractive and healthy smile. If your teeth have suffered damage that cannot be addressed through cosmetic bonding, our office can fabricate a thin porcelain shell that can cover your teeth and transform the appearance of your smile.

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Teeth whitening can only address mild extrinsic stains. Staining that affects the deeper layers of your tooth, such as those that result from tetracycline, do not respond to teeth whitening. If your teeth are severely discolored, porcelain veneers from our Wichita practice can brighten your teeth by several shades.

asymmetrical teeth

Misshapen Teeth

Veneers can make teeth appear to have a completely different shape. Dental veneers can be fabricated to enhance the appearance of small teeth or to fill gaps between teeth. If the size or shape of your tooth has been bothering you, our dentist has the right solution to enhance the tooth.

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Smile Makeover

Some patients can benefit from a comprehensive dental treatment called a smile makeover. The fully customizable treatment can save you time and money. For most patients, this treatment option cuts down on the number of hours and visits that are needed to achieve the desired results. Depending on your cosmetic needs and personal goals, our dentist can customize a treatment plan that includes:

-Dental Bonding
-Laser Gum Reshaping
-Teeth Whitening
-Tooth-colored Fillings

Treatment Overview

Veneers require multiple visits to our office and a treatment timeline of a few weeks. In general, here is what you can expect during this dental procedure: 

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Preparing Your Teeth

Before your dental veneers can be fabricated, each tooth you wish to treat must be prepared. This requires the removal of a thin layer of enamel. Dr. Nordhus will perform this straightforward procedure with your comfort in mind. Beyond local anesthesia, our office offers multiple sedation options that can help you relax throughout your treatment. 

dental impressions

Digital Impressions

Once your tooth is prepped, a digital image of your teeth will be made. Our office uses iTero 3D digital technology that can take highly accurate digital images. Before you leave, you will be fitted with temporary veneers. The digital impression will be sent to a lab to guide technicians in creating your porcelain veneers.

making veneers

Creating Your Veneers

Over the course of the next few weeks, your dental veneers will be fabricated at a trusted laboratory. Once they arrive at our office, your second and final appointment will be made. Dr. Nordhus will ensure that the porcelain veneers meet your expectations.

placing veneers

Placing Your Veneers

Once Dr. Nordhus is sure that the dental veneers are a perfect fit, he will attach them using a strong cement. Complications following this treatment are rare, but some patients report heightened sensitivity in the days or weeks following treatment. 

Before & After Porcelain Veneers

Before Veneers
Before Veneers
After Veneers
After Veneers

Maintaining Your Results

You will be given written or verbal instructions on how to maintain your veneers. They should never be used to tear or pry open objects or packages. Doing so could cause your porcelain veneers to come loose. You will want to take steps to maintain optimal oral health so your underlying tooth structure does not develop decay. 

More Reviews of Our Practice

You will be given written or verbal instructions on how to maintain your veneers. They should never be used to tear or pry open objects or packages. Doing so could cause your porcelain veneers to come loose. You will want to take steps to maintain optimal oral health so your underlying tooth structure does not develop decay. 

Judy Klein


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Can't believe I was singing on my way into the dentist office. Great experience for a person with lots of bad dentistry in my past. Nordhus has a wonderful program!!

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Rachelle Erickson


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Great, friendly staff! So homey and clean. I felt right at home. I am looking forward to my next appointment!

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