Dental bonding is a simple, cost-effective way to conceal imperfections. In other cases, Dr. Nordhus might recommend veneers to achieve a picture-perfect smile. We can transform your smile in just two appointments with the help of porcelain veneers at Nordhus Dentistry.

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Cosmetic dentistry can be taken care of in a couple of different ways. Cosmetic dentistry meaning maybe a smile makeover or a smile improvement. Some of the options with that would be cosmetic bonding where composite material is applied chairside to the tooth. Another option to that would be cosmetic veneers. A thin layer of tooth structure is removed and replaced with porcelain that's going to give the tooth the shape, and the color, and the position that is going to be more aesthetically pleasing. Veneers can help your smile by changing the shape of the tooth. They can help by changing the actual shape of the tooth and how the smile fits in your mouth and in your face. In our office, generally, we're placing veneers on patients who may have had some restorative work in the past. We're using them in cases where the shape of the tooth is for whatever reason not ideal, where their smile. . .where their natural smile design is not proportionate. So we're using them to help change those proportions to things that are more attractive and more appealing. With veneers, the length of the procedure is about the preparation of the teeth. So the first appointment when the work is done depending on how many teeth or how much treatment is done, it might be a couple of hours. The insert appointment or the second appointment when the veneers are placed then would be a shorter appointment. If the patient already has some tooth size discrepancy where the teeth may need to be restored anyway then veneers could be a better option in restoring those teeth to make things happen more quickly. It's just heartwarming to have those cases turn out where we have a patient that is just happy with the result and how that has changed or affected their lives.

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