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When decay reaches the tissue inside a tooth, it can cause an infection. This can result in toothache, swelling, or dental pain that disrupts your day and keeps you awake at night. At Nordhus Dentistry, our dentist can quickly alleviate the painful symptoms of an infected tooth with a root canal.

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Root canal therapy is removing the nerve tissue that's inside the tooth. There's a hollow place inside the tooth where the nerve tissue lives and grows. When that tooth is traumatized or when that tooth is infected and the nerve dies, that is when patients are experiencing toothaches or other pain or problems. So a root canal procedure removes that necrotic nerve tissue inside the tooth or that diseased nerve tissue inside the tooth and we just replace it with a filling material. Endodontists are specialists that treat only root canal fillings. We do refer patients to them on cases that are challenging, or difficult, or we can't find the canals, or other retreats, or other extenuating circumstances. Oftentimes the symptoms that patients would be looking at if they would let them know they're in need of a root canal would be an abscess or a swelling, toothache or tooth pain, any of those things that are keeping you awake at night or disrupting your day. Patients should consider Nordhus Dentistry for their root canal needs because typically there's a toothache involved or some pain associated with that and we are trying to. . .we understand that and we are trying to work patients in to get them cared for in a timely manner.

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